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Some tickets have time sensitive dead lines and surcharges.

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Hiring a lawyer for traffic ticket defense may protect your driving privileges, keep insurance premiums lower and save you money.

You should definitely consult a lawyer for at least advice.  That way you will have an idea of what to expect during the legal process.  I may be able to plea down the charge to a lesser charge and help you avoid a criminal record.  This is especially important if you have CDL and depend upon your driving right and license to support you and your family.

Your driving record needs to be taken into consideration to help decide if you should hire a lawyer to help fight your traffic tickets.  If you are going to lose your license I can help save it. 

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Texas Traffic ticket legal representation saves time, money and your license! (Call for a free consultation.)

San Antonio traffic tickets and tickets from anywhere in Texas such as no insurance tickets have surcharges which your attorney may get reduced or dropped.  Attorneys can reduce the negative impact from a traffic ticket.  Allen Messinger can represent you for your traffic tickets usually for the same amount of money as the traffic fine you received.....sometimes less. I can tell you over the phone if I can save you money and/or keep the traffic violation off your record (deffered adjudication).

"I can tell you over the phone if I can save you money or keep your driving record clean."
A traffic ticket defense attorney may be able to:

Save your license.
Licenses I can help save:  CDL Intrastate and CDL Bus, Class A, Class B, CMV, Tractor Trailer, Farmer, Recreational, etc.

Reinstate your driving license.
Already have a suspended license?  I can help get your driving right reinstated.

Keep points off your license. 
Pay your fine and keep you record clean.  That means no points added to your driver's license and no insurance premium increases.

Prevent Auto Insurance Increases.
More points against your drivers license means higher insurance premiums.  In some cases I can request the courts not add points to your driver's license.

Save money.
I can often save you money by having your charges reduced.  (Certain infractions can result in additional surcharges from the state which can be reduced too.) 

See how I can help you. 

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SURCHARGES from the courts.
Some traffic violations come with time sensitive penalties or surcharges.  Call before those deadlines and save money!