Attorney Allen Messinger, state bar certified in Texas, fights for the rights of San Antonio people just like you.  Get a free consultation with a San Antonio, TX attorney today.

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For Tickets in TX

Get the legal representation you need and deserve!  Allen Messinger, has represented,  negotiated and mitigated all kinds of legal cases including: criminal defense, traffic tickets, accident and injury cases, bail bonds and more...

Proper legal representation in San Antonio Courts by an experienced and qualified lawyer ensures you your rights.  Attorneys, like Allen Messinger, cut the legal red tape to secure your rights in court.  Proper representation in a court is the only way to secure your full rights.  Do not ever try to go it alone.

It is important to hire a competent lawyer because in some cases your lawyer can:
  • Negotiate to reduce penalties.
  • Educate you on the best actions to take with the courts (all cases).
  • Reduce your court fees.
  • Keep traffic tickets off your record.
  • Get you settlements that you deserve.
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